Stathis San

Kind owner of the general goods store in Wellborough


“How’s it going Bob, will that be everything? Oh, don’t worry about it, 2 gold will cover it… it’s err.. on sale today. Oh and take a few oranges for the misses and the kids, they wont be good much longer. It’s on me.”


Stathis is kind and easygoing, and very easy to get-along with. He has been known to give away goods to those who need them, and easily forgets debts. This has led to his establishment to be far more run down than Wellborough’s only general goods store should be.

There are rumors of Stathis having a dark and troubling past. Mostly due to the “T” brand on the back of his left hand, which he hides poorly. The brand signifies a thief, and not just any thief, a professional or notorious thief only gets this mark.

Stathis San

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