Antal Dobos

Strange wizard of Wellborough


Come see what I have to purchase! A trinket to curse your friend perhaps? Nothing seriously harmful of course! Just make everything taste like ash for a day! He he ho! A town favorite, two sold this year!

Antal is not quite all there, and anyone talking to him will notice that he is… off. He’s still quite smart and skilled in the arcane arts, apparently.


Antal came to Wellborough about ten years ago. Noone knows where he came from or who he was before residing here. The only know that one day outside the town a fully built white tower just appeared. When the militia came to investigate a strange wizard came out and offered them 50% off all of his wares. Seeing that he was most likely not a threat, and partially scared of his assumed arcane power they let him be. He now sells trinkets and baubles to the people of Wellborough.

Antal Dobos

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