Levi Kramer

Ex-apprentice of Antal Dobos


“Hey, did you know I’m a well-accomplished Wizard? Impressive yes I know. Er, uh, would you like to see a trick?”

Levi is awkward, but ambitious. He is a flirt, often impressing the local girls with his magical “displays.” These are lost on anyone who isn’t quite as simple.


Levi was born and raised in Wellborough, but he always wanted to leave the little town full of simple people. He was destined to be a Great and Powerful Wizard! When Antal Dobos came to the town, he was at his doorstep within an instant. He quickly became his apprentice, but wanted to leave to a large city as soon as possible.

When he met Amaris he was enamored. She was much more beautiful than the girls of his home-town. Her rebuffing of his paltry attempts to woo her with magic, only endeared her to him more. He doesn’t much care for Faraam, who has little patience for him. He respects Faraam’s strength nonetheless. He left Antal’s training with a book in ancient Abyssal which most likely has information on Cyrus’ Staff. He now travels with them.

Levi Kramer

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