Mayor Cyrus Brooks

Mayor of Wellborough and owner of Blackwater Mine


“What is it that you want with me? Can’t you see that I am busy and don’t have time for your petty troubles? Take your worries to my assistant and leave me to my important work.”

Mayor Cyrus is a pragmatist, and not particularly kind. He cares about his wealth and his wealth alone. He talks condescendingly to everyone in the town with an air of superiority. The only person who he seems to treat with any respect is Sarah, the leader of the yearly trade caravan.

It has been found that he has connections to dark magic and rituals.


Mayor Cyrus is extremely wealthy. He lives in a large gated and guarded mansion in Wellborough. He is the owner of Blackwater Mine. Cyrus has a small contingent of personal guards that are well equipped beside the town militia, that watch his estate. He pays them handsomely to ensure loyalty.

Mayor Cyrus Brooks

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