Cyrus' Staff

This staff is actually known as The Staff of Baelthamom

Cyrus’ staff was taken from his manor in Wellborough by Faraam. It was connected to his monthly ritual involving Amaris. Faraam attempted to break it, but doing so caused a violent explosion knocking unconscious everyone in the surrounding manor. They escaped to Antal Dobos’ tower outside of town. The old wizard was of no use, but his apprentice Levi Kramer brought a book that apparently would shed light on the staff. The boy was a coward, and Amaris and Faraam went on on their own.

Ritual of Destruction

Some pages pertaining to the staff are missing from the book, detailing what the staff is or what it is for, but the ritual for it’s destruction is partially complete. The rest was learned

  • A circle must be drawn in the blood of Balthamom, this is detailed in the book.
  • The staff will be placed in the middle of it.

Cyrus' Staff

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