Rurik's Bauble

Brandon_s_Bauble.jpgThis Bauble was obtained by Rurik in an unassuming trade. The lantern pendant seemed to call to him, maybe supernaturally or perhaps just because of the unusual blue light it sheds.

This pendant is shaped similarly to that of a stylized key, and holds a small cage housing a blue flame, right below where the chain is affixed to it. The flame gives off a warmth, but does not burn those who touch it.

Not much is known about its origins, and the man he bought it from was claimed to be north of the Northern Rachis Mountains. He was a strange man indeed, and was very cryptic about it and its origins.


As of yet, the full extent of this items powers is unknown. The man taught brandon how to turn the lantern on and off.

Unlocked powers

Native Powers:

  • The lantern sheds blue light as per the spell Light. This is active, and can be deactivated by touching the lantern with two fingers, your index and thumb.

Activatable Powers:

None…. yet.

Rurik's Bauble

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